During uncertain times, advice is more important than ever

The winter school holidays are always a good leveller in the business year, especially lapping over another new financial year. And, with political uncertainty surrounding the Federal Election, Federal Budget changes and even Brexit, it is important to be kept up to date and professionally supported with quality advice conducive to your clients’ decision-making.

Within the context of RG146, the advice accountants give their SMSF clients is now in the spotlight as you know.

Still considering your RG146 optionsSince we ran our webinar in March RG146 & Why an SMSF Support Partner may be your best option we’ve had the opportunity to speak with numerous accountants about their needs with respect to RG146 and their preferences around AFSL licencing. (You can read about the outcomes in our summary.)

If you haven’t already, you may still be considering the 'big 4' options around RG146: getting a financial licence, becoming an authorised representative of a licencee, forming a referral relationship with a financial planner or simply walking away from your SMSF work.

If none of these options appeal, Intuitive Super’s specialist SMSF support services are specially developed for accountants who have chosen not to become AFSL-licensed, to assist in correctly handling SMSF matters under ASIC’s new RG146 licensing regime.

In the face of ASIC’s RG146 regime, the team at Intuitive Super have cleared our diaries as a priority. You can transition your business model to using an SMSF Support Partner now, or use Intuitive Super as a fallback if your other RG146 licensing arrangements don’t quite turn out as hoped.

With no lock in agreements or subscriptions, it may pay to have a back up no matter what your position. Call Intuitive Super on 1300 856 064 to initiate discussions or to request further information.


Last Updated:28-10-2019 14:19