Accountants and RG146 changes that impact you now!

With less than two quarters left until RG146 becomes mandatory, accountants are being urged to cross RG146 compliance off their ‘to-do’ list ahead of the 1 July 2016 deadline.

What are your options from 1 July 2016?

Some firms are considering becoming licenced, or authorised with a licencee, and taking on the arduous and time-consuming compliance and training requirements. Others are exploring referral relationships with financial planners, which can lead to ‘client drift’.

Some will even walk away from their SMSF work entirely, creating a fee hole!

But those wishing to retain their SMSF client relationships, with the benefits of outsourced support in advice and administration, will engage a specialist SMSF support partner. This is Intuitive Super.

Intuitive Super’s accredited SMSF specialist advice is positioned and delivered to SMSF clients not as a mere referral, but as your accounting firm’s specialist support partner. Along with administration and real-time reporting services that are white labelled, streamlined and cost-efficient, everything is aimed at enhancing and respecting the accountants’ SMSF client standing.

Avoid the onerous responsibilities of licencing, work with like-minded accountants and retain your SMSF standing with your valued clients.

With ASIC’s soft deadline of 31 March 2016 to initially state your position on RG146, familiarise yourself with the imminent changes or talk with us about how we can improve the way you work with SMSFs.

Call us today on 1300 856 064 or visit for our full range of tailored SMSF advice and administration services.

This article was originally published as a LinkedIn post by Director Wayne Turner. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from our staff and the industry; follow Intuitive Super on LinkedIn here!

Last Updated:28-10-2019 14:19