Goodbye Indecision, hello RG146 compliance

New support partner makes it easy for accountants to keep SMSF clients from 1 July 2016.

Australian accountants – your prayers have been answered! A fifth option exists for you to meet ASIC’s licencing requirements and retain your SMSF clients after 1 July 2016 with our recently launched business.

Intuitive Super is the brainchild of CPAs Wayne Turner and Greg Burton who developed the concept in consultation with leading accounting firm Carrick Aland.

Specialists in SMSFs, Wayne and Greg identified the gap for the need of high quality, accredited advice in the accounting market; advice which could be the difference for accountants not wanting to let go of their valued client relationships yet who need to comply with ASIC RG146 regulation.

Some firms are considering becoming licenced, or authorised with a licencee, and taking on the arduous and time consuming compliance and training requirements. Others are exploring referral relationships with financial planners, which can lead to ‘client drift’.  Some will even walk away from their SMSF work entirely, creating a fee hole!

“We decided to fill the gap”

In light of this, thinking outside the box and combining their talents has produced a workable solution to help accountants retain clients and remain compliant in what is otherwise a turbulent time in the market place.

Frequently working in the public practice space, they see the downsides plus the opportunities accountants face regarding RG146. Accountants don’t necessarily have the resources or the inclination to attain the onerous responsibilities of licencing by 1 July, not to mention maintaining them thereafter. But those wishing to retain their SMSF client relationships, with the benefits of outsourced support in advice and administration, can engage a specialist SMSF support partner like Intuitive Super.

Passion for partnering with accountants is a driving factor for Intuitive Super. Within, they share their years of practice with a professional and no-nonsense outlook, an innovative approach and advice to improve the success of both their accounting and SMSF trustee clients.

While the changes around RG146 are well communicated, and the licence application process having been open since 2013, many accountants have still not made a decision nor confirmed if they will continue to provide SMSF services to clients from July 2016.

What is Intuitive Super about?

“The philosophy is simple,” says Wayne. “Most accountants are struggling to make a final decision and choose a model that best suits their firm and their clients’ needs for SMSF advice. We have the opportunity through Intuitive Super to show accountants a smarter way from 1 July.”

Intuitive Super’s accredited SMSF specialist advice is positioned and delivered to SMSF clients not as a mere referral, but as your accounting firm’s specialist support partner. Along with administration and real time reporting services that are white labelled, streamlined and cost efficient, everything is aimed at enhancing and respecting the accountants’ SMSF client standing.

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Last Updated:28-10-2019 14:19