Update from Intuitive Super regarding coronavirus COVID-19

With concerns about COVID-19 coronavirus, Intuitive Super is taking proactive steps to minimise the potential impact on the provision of our services.

Proactive steps to minimise impact

With the current concerns within the community about the COVID-19 coronavirus we wanted to let you know about the proactive steps Intuitive Super is taking to minimise the potential impact on the provision of our services.

Wayne Turner Intuitive SuperIn light of the recent developments around the Coronavirus COVID-19 and the uncertainty we are all facing day to day, we felt it important to assure you that we expect no major interruptions to the services that we provide to you.

Our cloud systems mean you can always contact us if you need to

Our team is able to work remotely and has access to all the technology systems and tools they use daily to assist our clients. While we don’t know if we’ll be working from our office or working from our homes in coming weeks, we have invested heavily in the latest technology over the past years, and this means we can keep assisting you no matter what may happen.

Please keep emailing or phoning us as needed - we are here to help you!

At the current time, all our offices are still open and available for clients to drop in information or for quick appointments.  We anticipate that this will remain the case so long as there are no Government instructions to the contrary.

We are strictly following the Government recommended protocols around personal hygiene and have available at reception and within the office the appropriate facilities for handwashing and hand sanitising.

We have no instances of COVID-19 amongst any of our staff and are not aware of any contact our staff have had with the virus.  However, to be as cautious as possible, we are requiring any team member who is displaying any flu-like symptoms to work from home.

We have a wide range of options available for you to provide instructions or otherwise engage with our team. We'll continue to give advice and receive instructions via phone, email and video-conferencing.  Our facilities allow for easy video-conferencing from our office to any personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.

In line with Government recommendations and to ensure our office continues to be available to assist our clients we ask that if you have recently travelled overseas, have come into contact with someone who has travelled overseas or is displaying any flu-like symptoms that you avoid meeting with us in person.

Good advice is needed now more than ever. Please feel free to contact our team on 1300 856 064 or by email at office@intuitivesuper.com.au.

IMPORTANT Update your Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPOA) and Will now

If you have to self-quarantine or are admitted to hospital, if you don’t have an EPOA then no-one else can make important business or financial decisions on your behalf. We strongly recommend that you have an up to date EPOA and Will, and that your family knows where these are stored.

Next steps

These are times when we need to stay calm and rely on reliable news sources and information from State and Australian Government websites. What you see on social media may be panicky and unreliable information – please be aware of this! The team at Intuitive Super is here to help you. Please phone us on 1300 856 064 if you need any assistance!

During this difficult time we also want to wish everyone the best of health and please take care of yourself and others.

Last Updated:28-05-2020 11:57