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Intuitive Super relies on our existing authority with an established Australian Financial Services Licensee (Millennium 3 Financial Services Pty Ltd) who needs to be satisfied in knowing that everyone operating under the authority is competent to provide advice in the best interests of clients. 

We’re not just licenced advisors; we are accountants and SMSF specialists who have successfully transitioned into Financial Advice, so our insight is broader and very much attuned to accountants in public practice.


ASIC, accountants and advice – how Intuitive Super pulls it all together

Expertise | We continually build our resources, invest in specialist training, innovate our services and focus relentlessly to achieve the credibility and capability to be a provider of first-class SMSF administration and tailored advice support services.

Delivery | Whilst administrative and compliance services are important, the difference is our advice. We actively help you retain and grow your SMSF fees without needing to jump through RG146 hoops yourself. Intuitive Super is authorised to provide advice and assist you in the proposal and implementation of a range of SMSF strategies and services. We don’t seek to be budget providers of compliance services; our charges and revenue sharing arrangements, whilst conscious of the market, recognise the value of advice for which we’ll always quote upfront.

Leading-edge approach | Our technology streamlines our services in such a way that helps your business stand out from your competitors. Your SMSF Trustee clients can access secure and real time fund performance tracking, to better able them to make informed and timely decisions and fulfil their legislative obligations.

Perspective | We specialise and have vast experience in the SMSF administration space, therefore seamlessly coordinating high-level SMSF advice as an extension of SMSF administration and reporting. 

Positioning | The way we operate is not by looking to establish relationships with your clients independently of you, the accountant. Instead, we dispense specific strategic advice via client focused written reports and 3-way meetings positioning you as project lead, yet sheltering you from breaching the licencing requirements of the Corporations Act.

Quality | Our unique positioning as accountants and SMSF specialists ensures we share your view of quality and can continually shape our service delivery to meet your needs.

Teamwork | We offer a strong cultural fit coming from our own accounting and financial advice background, with a shared, market-oriented approach plus a strong foundation for enduring relationships based on professional trust and respect. Using your knowledge about your clients, we remain as “specialist support” and put you front and centre alongside our advice.

Understanding | As accountants, we know what accountants want and so offer a partnered relationship to enhance and protect your existing SMSF client work. By doing so, we also allow you to create capacity and free up your team from SMSF admin and any ongoing training requirements.

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