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Intuitive Super are SMSF specialists with a background in accounting who have successfully transitioned into financial advice. This background means our insight, and the services we are qualified to provide, is much broader than that of either traditional compliance services or financial advisors individually.

Furthermore, Intuitive Super relies on our existing authority with an established Australian Financial Services Licensee (Millennium 3 Financial Services Pty Ltd) who needs to be satisfied in knowing that everyone operating under the authority is competent to provide advice in the best interests of clients. 

At Intuitive Super, our goal is to ensure that your SMSF is working to achieve your goals.

Expertise | We continually build our resources, invest in specialist training, innovate our services and focus relentlessly to achieve the credibility and capability to be a provider of first-class SMSF administration and tailored advice services.

Delivery | Whilst administrative and compliance services are important, the difference is our advice. Intuitive Super is authorised to provide advice and implement a range of SMSF strategies and services.

Leading-edge approach | Our technology streamlines the delivery of our services and allows you to access secure and real time fund performance tracking, to better able you to make informed and timely decisions and fulfil your legislative obligations. 

Perspective | We specialise and have vast experience in the SMSF administration space, therefore seamlessly coordinating high-level SMSF advice as an extension of SMSF administration and reporting.

Quality | Our years of experience in SMSF administration, backed up by qualified financial advisors, gives us the unique ability to view our clients’ SMSFs from a wider perspective and therefore provide tailored services of the highest quality. 

Understanding | With our years of SMSF expertise, we know what trustees want and so offer a tailored, comprehensive service, ensuring your fund remains compliant whilst it works to achieve your individual goals.

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