Dynamic strategic advice, tailored to your clients’ needs, is essential for ensuring your SMSF clients have the retirement they dream of.

Why Choose Intuitive Super?

As an accountant in public practice, you recognise the importance of high quality strategic  advice for your SMSF clients. 

From 1 July 2016 ASIC’s education and training requirements change for providing strategic advice to SMSFs where a license is required to provide much of the advice previously delivered to SMSFs by their accountants. 

How you balance the need to continue providing high quality advice your clients rely on, whilst remaining compliant with ASIC’ regulations, depends on the approach you take now. 

Making accountants the heroes

Intuitive Super has the experience and expertise to provide tailored SMSF advice, whilst preserving the integrity of your client relationships by maintaining a ‘behind the scenes’ presence. 

Intuitive Super does not compete for your clients; our role is to partner with you to enhance and protect the relationships you already have worked hard to build. Yet we work with you to ensure that your trustee clients achieve the retirement they dream of.

RG146 - What are your options?

Become an authorised representative of an existing licensee.

This carries RG146 competency and ongoing maintenance requirements, as well as possible unwanted Funds Under Management (FUM) pressure.

Obtain a limited licence.

In addition to issues of competency, this option comes with the onerous requirements of ongoing compliance and reporting to ASIC.

Walk away.

In other words, stepping back from your SMSF work and creating a fee hole.

Form a referral relationship with a licenced Financial Advisor.

Can be problematic with mixed agendas or lack of appreciation for the complexities of strategic SMSF advice, all leading to ‘client drift’.

Engage a specialist SMSF support partner

Someone who can bridge the gap and provide high-quality advice and administration whilst maintaining the integrity of your client relationships. This is Intuitive Super.

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Last Updated:05-11-2019 09:45